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We offer QDRO preparation services wherever you live in in the United States, call or contact our office to make an appointment for an initial consultation. We will explain what we can do for you as well as our reasonable cost-effective fee structure.

For many couples involved in a divorce the retirement or pension benefits are the asset with the most value. It is important that QDROs should always be certified by an attorney who has knowledge and expertise in the area of pension plan division. For that reason, many family law attorneys refer their clients to an attorney who is experienced in drafting QDROs. A properly completed QDRO requires extensive and complicated paperwork that should be delegated to an experienced firm. Working with QDRO Headquarters you will receive a thorough, professional, and properly completed QDRO.


  • Pension Plans
  • Account Based Retirement Funds
  • Union Pension Plans
  • Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Plans
  • Government Pension Plans
  • Military Retirement Plans

QDRO Headquarters attorneys have years of experience in handling all matters related to divorce and family law. QDRO Headquarters creates Qualified Domestic Relation Orders certified by an attorney. This certification protects divorcing spouses and divorced individuals and assists divorce law firms and retirement plan administrators. Both parties in a divorce risk losing a lot of money if the division of their retirement pensions and accounts in a divorce is mishandled by QDRO preparers without knowledge of retirement plan requirements.

Federal law regulates most of the retirement plans to which a QDRO applies. As an experienced QDRO firm we can prepare QDRO's for anyone, anywhere in the country. Choose QDRO Headquarters for your QDRO preparation and an attorney licensed to practice in federal courts across the USA will certify your QDRO.

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